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Sanna Martinez has been involved as both an artist and songwriter on hits that have streamed millions of times all over the world, co-written songs for the Icelandic national final to select their entry for the Eurovision Song Contest, sung behind Isabell Otrebus in the Polish national final, and participated in the Swedish national final of Lilla Melodifestivalen - Sanna also participated in Söngvakeppnin (Iceland's national final for Eurovison) in March 2022 with her song Keep it Cool/Hækkum í botn that she co-wrote. Now Sanna's new song 'Come & go' is available.

A distinctive element of Sanna Martinez's musical work is always that it comes with a message. Sanna is all about self love and wants people to feel good when listening to her music.

Sanna recently graduated from Musikmakarna, the most prominent Swedish songwriting school that has contributed to the “Swedish music wonder” phenomenon. She also studied at Dreamhill Music Academy, founded by Anders Bagge (songwriter for, among others, Madonna, Janet Jackson, and Jessica Simpson), And one of Sanna's recent creations, "Hands On Me", got placed in the TV show Love Island USA.

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